Where are the items shipped from? 

Winter Haven, Florida. 

 Is this a Dropship website?

No, we are a locally owned cell phone store based in Winter Haven, Florida. 


 What are "Wifi Only Devices"?

Wifi only devices are devices that can be used through wifi but cannot be activated through a carrier like At&t, T-mobile, Sprint, etc. Because of this, these devices are more affordable. 

 Can I download apps on "Wifi Only Devices"?

Yes, you can download apps like you normally would on any device. All social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. can be downloaded. 

 Can I make calls/text with "Wifi Only Devices"?

Yes, you can only send iMessage and make Facetime calls if you are using an iPhone and are connected to wifi. On Android devices you can download a third party app to make calls and send text only if you're connected to wifi.


 How quickly are items shipped?

All orders placed before 5pm Monday- Saturday will be shipped the day of.  All orders after 5pm, will be shipped the following business day. 

 How many days will it take for my item(s) to arrive? 

Since we are located in Florida, if you are a Florida resident your item(s) will arrive within 2-3 days. If you live out of state, allow for 3-5 days delivery. 

 What should I do if my item(s) arrives damaged? 

If your item arrives damaged, please click here to contact Help Support. 

 Why isn't my tracking # showing anything?

Sometimes USPS doesn't pick up or scan the same day an order is printed. Give it 24-48 hours and you should see updates.

 Do you ship overseas?

No, We do not ship outside the United States.