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Mcdodo Type-C Data Cable

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The ultra strong braided aramid fiber, allow this cable to take an incredible 1,500 lbs of force to break!

With The 90° head type, stops fraying allowing this cable to last twice as long as leading brands, whilst still charging your phone fast!

LIFETIME LASTING CORD Our double-braided nylon cable will never fray, wear or snap!

The internal layout is designed to drastically reinforce the cable heads, which is where most cables tend to fail.

CHARGE YOUR PHONE FASTER this cable can charge up to 40% faster than normal chargers without damaging your battery.

90° ANGLE HEAD FOR COMFORT keeps the cable flat to touch and out of the way. Perfect for watching shows or gaming with your friends!

COMPATIBLE & DATA TRANSFER this cable can transfer data and is compatible with all devices! You won't get the 'accessory not supported' message when charging with this cable! Package includes: 1 pc Charging Cable